Our Commitment

USGI Medical® is committed to the development of technologies that enable incisionless procedures which help patients return to normal activities and lifestyles faster compared to traditional laparoscopic and open surgery.


Today's patients prefer less invasive treatments. USGI Medical has a unique technology to help bring this desire to reality. In select gastroenterology procedures, patients now have an option with our patented Incisionless Operating Platform® to avoid many of the issues associated with traditional incisional surgery.


Utilizing small flexible instruments, our technology creates durable tissue folds to treat a variety of gastrointestinal indications. Tissue folds are held in place through our proprietary Snowshoe® Suture Anchors which help facilitate durable tissue remodeling.


USGI Medical’s technology has been utilized in over 12,000 procedures. Our less-invasive approach and advanced technology has been beneficial to patients throughout the world.